Communication on how the COVID19 has and will affect our project

Dear all,

The partners of the EMEN project sincerely wish that you, your families, colleagues and dear ones are all safe during these hard times.

This complicated situation has already affected all of us and will continue to have consequences not only on our daily lives but also on our professional ones. In particular, it will change the way we work.

As it was predictable, this pandemic had an impact also on our activities. Indeed, during the last months of the project, we were planning to have two large in-person events: the CoP3 annual conference “United in diversity” organized by UNITEE at the end of May, and the EMEN final event, in collaboration with 2 of the other consortia financed under the same COSME call, foreseen in September.

Due to the current situation, in particular the impossibility of large gatherings and the travelling restrictions, we are forced to re-plan these activities. We are still working on the reorganization of these events, which will likely take place virtually. It will be our priority to inform you about the evolution of these events.

We encourage you to keep following our communication channels – website and social media – to be updated about how and when our upcoming activities will take place!


The EMEN project partners

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